Solid Waste Collection & Recycling

Recycling Bin and Truck


Solid waste collection and recycling in the City of Destin is mandatory and is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure this service is established. The city contracts with Waste Management, Inc, for solid waste services. This includes all residential and commercial trash and garbage, and all other refuse within the city limits of Destin.

Contact Waste Management, Inc., for billing and service concerns at (850) 862-7141. For unresolved service issues, please call the City of Destin at (850) 837-6869.


(Feb. 1, 2016) The change in Consumer Price Index and fuel resulted in a price decrease of 2.33% effective April 1, 2016. Credits will be applied where necessary.

Commercial Accounts

Call Waste Management at (850) 862-7141 to set up a commercial account or to inquire about your existing commercial account.

Residential Curbside Pickup

Most household items can be picked up curbside in Destin by Waste Management, Inc. Categories for this service include solid waste (household garbage), recycling, yard waste and bulk waste.

See Destin's pickup schedule, yard waste specifications and Holiday schedule information.

Hazardous waste disposal is NOT a curbside service. It is managed by Okaloosa County. Hazardous items include car batteries, paint, oil, computers, etc. Residents can drop these items off for free in Fort Walton Beach at 80 Ready Ave. every Tuesday thru Saturday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. No appointment is necessary. For more information, call (850) 301-2013.

Bulk Cleanup (Year Round)

Destin’s annual Spring and Fall Cleanups are no longer one day events! They are now year round. Residents can call Waste Management to schedule a bulk pickup any time, for FREE! Learn more...

Recycling Services

Recycling is available for residents and businesses in Destin. Residents can take advantage of single stream recycling by placing recyclables in the green recycling bin provided to them. Businesses and commercial accounts can contract with Waste Management, Inc., to receive recycling service. For more information regarding commercial recycling, please call Waste Management, Inc., at (850) 862-7141. View a list of what you can recycle.

Tips for recycling cardboard

  • Cardboard is a recyclable material that should be placed in the 18-gallon bin that is serviced weekly at residential homes in the City of Destin.
  • The only time cardboard is not picked up in the 18-gallon bin is when it is too large and too bulky. In this case, Waste Management drivers place an “orange tag” on the cardboard letting the customer know that a larger Waste Management truck will come by to pick up the cardboard.
  • Waste Management requests that large, bulky cardboard be broken down into smaller sections for ease of pickup. If the smaller sections of cardboard cannot be placed in the 18-gallon recycling bins, then placing the cardboard next to the bin is acceptable. If a different truck is needed to pick up that cardboard, the customer will be alerted via an orange tag.
  • Cardboard WILL be picked up if it is wet.
Recycling Drop Off
Residential single stream recycling can be dropped off at the city's Public Services Maintenance Yard located 3949 Commons Dr. A recycling dumpster is located just inside the gate to the left of the building. If you have questions, please call 837-6869.

Solid Waste Service Exemptions & Discounts